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The Provocation of Detective Brooks

Available Sept 05, 2015!

When a mysterious cold case file arrives in Detective Brooks’ mailbox, it doesn’t take much to provoke his curiosity. Sparks fly when Brooks falls for Samantha Bowman, a key witness, only to unearth evidence implicating her in a plot to kill her estranged husband. Brooks’ investigation  summons a dangerous psychopath from a life on the lam; he returns, with his sights set on Samantha. Torn between duty and desire, Brooks unravels the tangled web of a deadly plan, bringing him face to face with a killer who plans to make Brooks his next victim. 

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Pre-order The Provocation of Detective Brooks!

The Provocation of Detective Brooks will be available Sept 05, 2015! Pre-order your ebook at the pre-order sale price of $1.99! Available at the following retailers:

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Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman- FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Nancy Miller

Ladies, Would You Like a Dose of Sexism With Your Sexual Dysfunction?

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You’ve seen the commercials, the series of solitary, take-charge women challenging the camera with a bold stare. I thought it was a laxative commercial. No, it’s a new Rx for the ladies, relieves problems that arise in the bedroom. These no-nonsense women conquered the problem with a new vaginal cream. Bummer for them, as there’s not a man in sight. Where are the men, you ask? They’re in the ED commercials unearthing dinosaur bones, sailing, parachuting, and hiking, accompanied by adoring women beaming with afterglow.

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May 1st contest winners, your copies of Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman are on their way! 1372726695_fireworks

A Frozen Section – Flash Frozen Fiction

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What's for dinner, Doc?

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Flash Frozen Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

Genre: Historical Medical Narrative
(Yes, I did just make that up.)
100 words

A Frozen Section

“Did you study the video I forwarded to you? It’s all in the wrist,” my friend the oncologist joked, as I angled the biopsy needle into my traitorous breast.

“I know how to do a biopsy!”

“I remember you sucked at biopsies in med school. You should have had a mammogram before you left for Antarctica.”

“You know, it was on my list of things to do before I left; pack warm clothes and get a mammogram,” I fired back.

“All in the wrist,” I repeated as the needle hit the gritty mass taking away all doubt. It was cancer.

My flash frozen fiction inspiration comes from my friend Doug’s photo prompt and from Jerri Nielsen, MD who bravely biopsied and diagnosed…

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The Oscars 2015: ScarJo’s Necklance, Gaga’s Gloves and Bradley the Vampire

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Congratulations Winners!!!!!!!!!

Just sent out signed copies of Hologram to the October Goodreads contest winners!

Publishing Is Rotten To The Core

It’s always all about the $$

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