Ladies, Would You Like a Dose of Sexism With Your Sexual Dysfunction?

A gold justice scale with the two different gender symbols on either side balancing each other out

You’ve seen the commercials, the series of solitary, take-charge women challenging the camera with a bold stare. I thought it was a laxative commercial. No, it’s a new Rx for the ladies, relieves problems that arise in the bedroom. These no-nonsense women conquered the problem with a new vaginal cream. Bummer for them, as there’s not a man in sight. Where are the men, you ask? They’re in the ED commercials unearthing dinosaur bones, sailing, parachuting, and hiking, accompanied by adoring women beaming with afterglow.

2 thoughts on “Ladies, Would You Like a Dose of Sexism With Your Sexual Dysfunction?

  1. Of course the women in the ED commercials are not the same women who need creams for “dry as dust va jay jays.” But I am glad that they are showing strong independent women of a certain age in the commercials for women. I’m not getting any emails from your new blog.


    • Just sayin’ the male solution for sexual dysfunction appears to solve the problem for handsome, now virile, men who are living life to the fullest with adoring (now satisfied) partners. The female solution involves solitary women in a clinical atmosphere who look like they just cured a case of constipation. Perhaps more than a little sexism?

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