A Frozen Section – Flash Frozen Fiction

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Friday. Fictioneers Photo by Douglas McIIRoy @https://ironwoodwind.wordpress.com/

Flash Frozen Fiction for Friday Fictioneers

Genre: Historical Medical Narrative
(Yes, I did just make that up.)
100 words

A Frozen Section

“Did you study the video I forwarded to you? It’s all in the wrist,” my friend the oncologist joked, as I angled the biopsy needle into my traitorous breast.

“I know how to do a biopsy!”

“I remember you sucked at biopsies in med school. You should have had a mammogram before you left for Antarctica.”

“You know, it was on my list of things to do before I left; pack warm clothes and get a mammogram,” I fired back.

“All in the wrist,” I repeated as the needle hit the gritty mass taking away all doubt. It was cancer.

My flash frozen fiction inspiration comes from my friend Doug’s photo prompt and from Jerri Nielsen, MD who bravely biopsied and diagnosed…

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