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Introducing Dante: For the Ladies that Love the Bad Boys

Dante strode to his desk and gestured for Lilly to take one of the facing chairs.

She stepped lightly, her eyes flashing over the room on her way to the chair. She relaxed in the chair and crossed her well-shaped legs.

He wondered how the simple act could be so erotic. “So you can dance.” He leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. He tossed the lighter on the desk. “We need some acting as well as dancing.”

“What type of acting?” she asked, her dark eyes direct.

He blew a lungful of smoke at the ceiling. “The kind without clothes.”

“I will perform nude, but no sex.”

We’ll see about that. “I’ll pay you six grand.”


“I pay you eight—you’ll need to buy some tits.”

She stood and reached for her bag.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you eight grand for twenty minutes film time. And film rights.”

She sat back down. “I only work for cash.”

“I’ll have a contract sent to you tomorrow.” He reached to the ashtray and stabbed out his smoke. He was off center, irritated that she had manipulated him into watching her perform on the phone. He wasn’t stupid, however. This woman was hot, and she did intrigue him, some. She was a gymnast, a ballerina, and seductress all in one, and he was a businessman. She had potential.

He opened the desk drawer and took out a small folded piece of paper. He opened the envelope and tilted a pile of coke onto the glass-topped desk. He was an old-fashioned guy; it was good form to seal the deal. He liked the rituals: paper, envelope, razor blade for chopping. He chopped the coke and spread it into four parallel lines. He took a hundred dollar bill from his pocket and began rolling it into a straw.

He raised an eyebrow. “Line?”


“Why the frown?” he asked.

“Today is the first day of the Chinese new year. You’re asking for trouble using a razor blade on New Year’s Day.”

“No shit? I must have missed the public service bulletin.”

“You may cut off good fortune for the rest of the year.”

She smiled for the first time. She had a pretty little mouth with nice white teeth. He’d like that mouth around his cock.


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Lilly: Her Moves Say it All . . .

God she was hot. He felt himself becoming aroused in anticipation of what she was about to do. (more…)

Men in RED: Really Exhilarating Dudes

Be still my racing heart!

Congratulations Winners!

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There’s a Pool Boy in Some of Our Lives and Most of Our Imaginations

He is a Greek God. Adonis. He moves closer to her, just a few feet from her chair. He tips his head sideways to look out from under a wayward lock of blond hair. Dark, lush lashes surround beautiful blue-green eyes that look her way. His full lips venture a tentative smile.
“Hi,” he says bashfully.
Oh my God! He is amazing. I can’t believe he is here speaking to me.
She knows this is a fantasy, but what a fantasy! That was the whole idea, right?
“Hi,” Sam ventures tentatively.
He looks back, just as if he heard. “I haven’t seen you here before . . . I would remember,” he says as he dips the net into the pool. The muscles in his shoulders and arms ripple as he moves the pole. He works his way to a few feet from her right. He glances back in her direction. “Do you want to play a game?”

Find him in Hologram



Want to Play a Game?

Option 1: Marriage
Some of the best things life has to offer are yours: companionship, social status, family, and love. However, your chances of success are 50/50, and losing means a train wreck for companionship, social status, family, and love–leaving you in an emotional wasteland of disappointment and failure. If you elect to play, the game requires monogamy. Cheat and you will likely lose the game. This is the sticky part. Humans are complete failures at monogamy. There is always an evil womanizer, a selfish pig-of-a-husband, or a man-stealing harlot-slut-whore at fault.

If Option 1 sounds a bit daunting considering the odds of success, there is always Option 2.

Option 2: Remain Single
No ball and chain for you! You retain your sexual freedom, albeit at the risk of sacrificing true love (do you really loose the true love option?). You’ll enjoy decision making autonomy and guilt free sexual relationships. Sounds perfect! What more could you want? Maybe a couple of kids or someone to change your diapers in old age? This is the sticky part; reconsider Option 1.

There is a tiger behind both doors. Seriously, is this what life is about? Maybe the fault is our culturally mandated monogamy clashing with our hard wiring, our human nature. Maybe the evil womanizer, the selfish pig-of-a-husband or the man-stealing harlot-slut-whore can’t help their behavior any more than a dog can help being a dog.
Did man take a wrong turn on the evolutionary path leading us to our present state of discontent? Have we in effect been trying to put a square plug in a round hole ever since? Christopher Ryan, PhD and Cacilda Jethá, MD address this provocative subject in their best selling book Sex at Dawn.

To thine own self be true.

Thursday Trash Talk: Feminine Frustrations

Love it!

The Doc said, “Take a Trojan to the Beach.”

I’m sure you’re wondering why Nancy asked me to do a guest post for California Muse since I’m a gynecologist and not a book critic. I suspect it is because I have been badgering her to put condoms on every character in Hologram’s sequel. Yes, I believe there’s a sequel in the works and I understand there’s a sexy new man who might engage in hot sex . . . .  That’s all she’s telling me so don’t even try to get more details out of her.  She’s stingy like that when she’s writing a book.

Safety First

I am affectionately known as the “Safety Queen” in my lakefront community. At least I think it’s affectionate. I make you wear your sun glasses and sun screen as soon as you step outside. I always hold the orange safety flag while watching the water skiers closely for concussion. How many fingers am I holding up? I’ll put a life jacket on your grandchild if she brushes her teeth near the lake. I separate the raw meat BBQ tongs from the veggie tongs. No one has ever had a salmonella infection on my watch. I carry band aids and hand sanitizer. Don’t even think about running with scissors around me, just saying.

Wrap it up

All joking aside, sexually transmitted infections are no laughing matter.  I treat them every day and every woman who contracts an infection asks, “Why me Doc?”  Don’t get surprised by an STI. If you are in a new or casual sexual relationship then you have to talk about STIs and insist on condom use.

Did you know?

– Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease caused by HPV

– The 4 H’s: HIV, hepatitis, herpes, HPV are viral infections that can’t be cured and           some may even result in death.

– Syphilis is on the rise.  Gonorrhea is resistant to most antibiotics.

– Chlamydia can cause sterility.

– Warts are also sexually transmitted.

– These infections don’t care what age you are so protect yourself even in middle age.

Virtually Sexy

Samantha enters a virtual  world of sexy intrigue in Hologram.  She takes us on a risky romp with the men of her dreams.  The virtual sex seems harmless. No condoms required.  You might even feel a little libido boost reading Hologram. The danger to Sam comes when she can’t tell the real from the virtual. Hologram is a great beach read so grab a beach towel and kick back for a safe and sexy boost.  But don’t forget to bring a Trojan if you’re reading Hologram in mixed company.

What do you say Nancy? Trojans for all? And can you bring up an extra life jacket, and I think that orange flag is getting dull and do they sell gallon jugs of sunscreen in California…….


For more chatter about women’s healthcare, healthy recipes and kitchen table advice stop by WWW.WhatsForDinnerDoc.com


Be Well,


Meet Samantha- How could she have been so wrong about a harmless fantasy?

She made her way through the woods. (more…)

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