NEW RELEASE!! The Hunt for Sasha Moran

The Hunt for Sasha Moran has arrived!

A psychological thriller you won’t put down.

He was out there, somewhere. Coming for her. At age 36, Sasha Moran pulled the plug on her life. She left her husband Wayne after 19 years of marriage. Wayne liked to hunt. Specifically, some of the world’s largest and most exotic animals. He said if she ever left, he would hunt her down and kill her. Now, she was his prey.

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Nancy Miller

The Hologram Trilogy is Complete!



She’s smart, scrappy, and street-wise . . . 

As a cadet with the Arizona Highway Patrol, Hui-Chien got hands-on experience and some street-cred with the officers while she worked toward a degree in criminal justice. Homicide Detective was her goal—until a blistering hot August day when a routine dispatch to a traffic accident changed her life forever.


A white prison van with dark, tinted windows and a smashed-up front end sat in the ditch.
Two male convicts started up the embankment, heading toward the patrol car.
Hui-Chien swallowed hard; they were almost on her. The gun. Get the gun. Heart slamming, Hui-Chien reached for the weapon and froze as the door squeaked open.
Yanked backwards by her collar, a thick arm covered in tatts plucked her from the car and held her up like a rabbit pulled from a hat. “Hey, Hasan, look what I found!” The giant convict let out a hearty laugh. “It’s a little girl cop.” He squinted at the patch on her shoulder and chuckled. “A little cop-cadet.”
She was in trouble. Big trouble.

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I hope you enjoy the story!
Nancy Miller

Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman is an Amazon Best Seller!

Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman is an Amazon Best Seller!!!!

Samantha Bowman hits # 7 in free Mystery Romance! Check it out: and grab a free copy today!


Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 12/30/2015 part 3

Thanks Aly, glad you enjoyed the story!

Sumo Sized Ginger

Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman by Nancy Miller

I enjoyed a good mystery.  This book kept me reading until the end.  It was a fun read for me.  I loved the writing style and the characters were good too.  * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  4/5

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Book Signing at The Players Casino!

Players Casino poster

Looking forward to seeing my friends Saturday, Oct. 31st at the Players Casino in Ventura. I’ll be signing copies of Hologram: The Provocation of Detective Brooks from 10-11 a.m., just prior to the Halloween Hold’em tourney. Treat yourself to a romantic thriller with lots of twists and turns, plenty of erotic spice, and some California sass. Hope to see you there!

Nancy Miller

Stroll Through Chester’s Oktoberfest with Detective Brooks and Beer Tasting!

B & B Brooks poster_CVR_LRG

Looking forward to seeing my Chester, CA friends this Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Oktoberfest event. I’ll be at Books & Beyond signing copies of Hologram: The Provocation of Detective Brooks from 4-7 p.m. Stroll through Old Towne, listen to live music, and taste some beer! Proceeds from the beer tasting will be donated to the Feather River Land Trust’s Save the Barn Initiative. Hope to see you there!


Hologram: The Provocation of Detective Brooks Now Available in Paperback!


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When a mysterious cold case file arrives in Detective Brooks’ mailbox, it doesn’t take much to provoke his curiosity. Sparks fly when Brooks falls for Samantha Bowman, a key witness, only to unearth evidence implicating her in a plot to kill her estranged husband. Brooks’ investigation summons a dangerous psychopath from a life on the lam; he returns, with his sights set on Samantha. Torn between duty and desire, Brooks unravels the tangled web of a deadly plan, bringing him face to face with a killer who plans to make Brooks his next victim.

A fast paced romantic thriller with lots of twists and turns, plenty of erotic spice, and some California sass.

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Enjoy! Nancy Miller

Interview With a Cougar

Woman smoking a cigar

I met her quite by accident. Her name was Sue. A beautiful woman in her late forties, Sue wore self-confidence like a designer handbag. She had one of those too. Everything about her was perfect, flawlessly put together. It was easy to picture her at a casino in a short skirt, leaning against a craps table blowing on a fistful of dice. We connected immediately, or maybe it was after a couple glasses of wine, but before long, we were sharing secrets.

Our conversation turned to men. Sue was single. With a sparkle in her eye, Sue admitted she’d been with a younger man the previous night. A much younger man.

I said OMG a few times and wanted details. She was about to dish prime fantasy material. You don’t have far to look for the stories. “So you like to date younger men?” I asked.

“Umm . . . yes, I do.”

“But you know from the get-go the relationship’s not going anywhere, right?”

“Right . . . . That’s understood. Nobody falls in love.”

“So what’s the point? What do you get out of it, just sex?”

She held my gaze over her wine. “The sex is nothing to sneeze at. But it’s more than that. There’s a closeness with some of the younger guys that’s not there with men my age.” She swirled her wine and drained the glass. “They’re not afraid to show affection or tell you how they feel. They tell you what they want and what they dream about. We both know we’re living in the moment, so there’s no pressure to make the relationship into something else.”

“What about men your age?”

“They’re all looking for a relationship.”

“And you don’t want a relationship . . . ?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. But the men I’ve dated don’t want one with me.”

The raw honesty of her statement was sobering.

“So I date the young ones, sometimes,” Sue said with a shrug. “Why wouldn’t I? I’m single and on my own for the first time in a long time. It’s different than when we were in our twenties. I learned to look at the world with new eyes.”

Sue was letting me know being single wasn’t all fun and games. That’s when I knew she was brave. She was also sensible; she took what life had to offer.

Sue shrugged. “I’ve always been attracted to younger men so I thought, ‘why not?’”

“So how did it happen? Tell me about the first time.”

Sue looked pensive for a minute and then smiled as the memories kicked in. “Well, I opened a message. It said, ‘Hi beautiful, you have a nice smile.’ His picture was mostly dark, in silhouette. I found out later he was a cop, and he didn’t want it out there, his picture, you know? But, he looked really good. So I said something back like, ‘I like your smile too.”

“Did you go on a date?” I asked.

Sue shook her head at my naïveté. “No, no date. We talked a bit, and messaged each other. I told him it was my birthday. He was coming to town for an antique car club thing. He asked if he could come by my house after the car show.”

“He just came over?” I asked, trying to not to appear too shocked.

“Yes,” Sue replied with a knowing smile and an eye roll. “I’m not completely crazy, I checked him out first. I did a little research, to make sure he was legit.”

“And then what . . . ?”

“He came over, and I answered the door.” Sue let her breath out in a whoosh. “He was one heck-a-hunk-of-gorgeous. Just beautiful . . . about five-ten, sturdy and rock hard, without an ounce of fat on him.”

“Oh my god, what did he say?”

“He said, “You’re as beautiful as your profile picture.”

I shook my head in awe. “And then what?”

“We went into the kitchen. I poured us some wine and we talked a little. Then he came over, took my wine, and set it on the counter. His electric blue eyes had the longest curly dark lashes.” Sue paused for a second, enjoying the memory. “He said ‘Happy birthday gorgeous,” and lifted me to the counter. He put his hands on my knees, and pushed up my dress. For the first time in a long time . . . he made me feel beautiful. He took me from the kitchen into the bedroom, where it was all about me.”

. . . . Wow.


Sue appears in The Provocation of Detective Brooks, the sequel to Hologram: The Seduction of Samantha Bowman. She could be many women of a certain age who are finding their way in a world where the rules have changed, some for the good, and some not so good.

Sue embraces life head on, taking what she can. How many women can do this? What about romance? Anticipation? Intimacy? Only a lucky few get it all.

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