The Hologram Trilogy

The Seduction of Samantha Bowman

Playing an “Adult” fantasy game seems just the ticket to put a little sizzle back in Samantha Bowman’s life. At age 48, the married schoolteacher finds herself a bit restless as she deals with a stressful job and her distant husband Charlie, whose only interest appears to be inventing virtual reality for his company, Holotech.

So Samantha escapes to one of Holotech’s virtual games on Thursday afternoons, looking for a little harmless fun. Feeling more sexy and desirable than she has in years, she becomes obsessed with one actor in particular, a handsome young surfer. Before long, he’s all she can think about–blissfully unaware that Charlie’s unscrupulous business partners have seen an opportunity to further their own agenda. Fantasy sex soon turns all too real with deadly repercussions.

A crazy wild ride featuring a cast of characters you will remember long after you’ve finished the story.


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The Provocation of Detective Brooks

Detective Fallon Brooks is about to put the ‘Case Closed’ stamp on a fiery plane crash which took down Holotech Corporation corporate officers Dante Burke and Niles DeMortaine when a mysterious USB drive arrives in his mailbox. A USB with  information that could change the trajectory of the entire case. Brooks decides to give things another look. In what appears to be a bizarre coincidence, Samantha Bowman, comely wife of the third Holotech partner, mistook her husband for an intruder and shot him on precisely the same day the plane went down. As Brooks digs deeper, he starts to wonder what exactly went down that day in LA, and if he can set aside his ever-increasing attraction to the oh-so-lovely Samantha Bowman and find out what really happened that fateful day.

A romantic suspense-thriller with lots of twists and turns, a touch of erotic spice, and some California sass.


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The Abduction of Hui-Chien Song

As a cadet with the Arizona Highway Patrol, Hui-Chien got hands-on experience and some street-cred with the officers while she worked toward a degree in Criminal Justice. Homicide Detective was her goal—until a blistering hot August day when a routine dispatch to a traffic accident changed her life forever…

News of the abduction hit Detective Fallon Brooks hard. However, Brooks had troubles of his own—he was out on leave due to an injury suffered during an incident involving the shooting death of an unarmed black man, an incident that had him in hot water with the LAPD. Nonetheless, the thought of the young Asian woman at the mercy of two convicted murders—one a child molester—shook him to his core. Brooks puts his conflict with the department and his current status as pariah of the force aside, and sets out on a desperate mission to find Hui-Chien.

A mystery suspense-thriller flavored with romance and a touch of erotic spice!


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