Chemistry, a Killer Cocktail

If you’re looking for a swanky place for a dynamite martini check out Twenty88 on the boulevard, Camarillo’s hot spot. Mark and I stopped by the other night for Scott’s pear martini, it’s amazing; the icy vodka is divine. I watched Scott as he moved with smooth confidence; mixing another for a woman at the bar. From under her lashes, she glanced his way. Although his back was to her, body language said he was aware of her.

Chemistry. What is it exactly? Perhaps it’s the hard wiring of our nature. We’ve all experienced it; that attraction, the palpable hyper-awareness of another–sometimes so intense you’re sure everyone in the room is aware of it. Sometimes they are.

It’s not a solitary element, a one sided arrangement. You both know it’s there. A charge fills the air, every sense alive to the smallest nuance. At its most intense, at its apex, a mental connection exists along with a mixture of pheromones bent on combustion. Chemistry has no logic, common sense, or practicality. It has immense power, the power to enhance a relationship to the sublime. However, chemistry can also be deadly. How you say?

Chemistry is the favorite elixir of the ego, that thirsty monster that prefers a cocktail of the forbidden. Never satisfied for long with having, the ego wants more, the one out of reach, the one that belongs to another. A wicked barkeep, ego can mix a deadly drink of hormones with a dash of lust that has the power to control your mind. Sound farfetched? Think Chris Brown and Rihanna, Nicole and O.J., Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, to name a few. ‘Nuff said?

Beware the power of chemistry. It can take you there, to nirvana. However, it can also take you down, to the place in our hearts where we hide our secrets.

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