The Hairless Generation?

It’s time to get the low down on the down low. I’m off to see Rita the wax goddess at Posh on the boulevard. Rita is the best. If there are new styles, colors, or something else going on down there, Rita knows. She’s an artist, or maybe a sadist. Who else could have you laughing like crazy whilst she earns her name “Rita the Ripper?” Rita dishes out laughter, nature’s anesthesia.

Alright, I’m in position, Rita’s got hot wax, ready to rip.

Me: “So Rita, anything new in the world of bikini waxes?”

Rita: “No. Basically the girls just want to take it all off.”

Me: “Really? What about the boys?”

Rita: “They’re exactly the same. They want it all off too. It’s the hairless generation. It’s kind of weird, but that’s what they’re all doing.”

Me: “OMG, that seems weird. A guy with a Brazilian?”

Rita: “Most guys don’t have the guts to wax, so they shave it off.”

So there you go, that’s what’s trending in personal grooming down South. It may fall in the category of TMI, but I learned something today. With one leg in the air, I spot a gleam in Rita’s eye.

Rita: “You need to get a Brazilian so you know what you’re blogging about.”

Me: “Yikes! I’m outta here!”

Rita: “Why didn’t you ask me about bleaching butt holes? I don’t do that, but you could ask.”

I was laughing so hard I hardly noticed my new look . . .

3 thoughts on “The Hairless Generation?

  1. Oh, how times have changed! The men used to have a saying, ” the harrier – the hornier!” and a nice fluffy “bush” would turn them on. A man with no chest hair was not desirable, you just knew that he was not for you.


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