True Confessions

Friends have confessed; yes, it comes as a confession of sorts—they have always wanted to write a book. They have ideas for a story. Glancing about in the manner of a conspirator, they whisper this, as if they expect a non-believer to jump from the shadows, point a finger, and scream, “Ahhh-Ha! You think you can write?”

I nod my head and say, “Just do it.” Not that I’m a sage by any means. While I knew I might be able to write a book, I never had a burning desire to do so, until it was too late. To late to turn back, too late to be extricate myself from the sticky grip, the siren song, of a compelling addiction. This is my story.

In 2012, some strange forces came together—something powerful like an aligning of the planets or somethin’ (that’s the wine talking). The powerful force was an idea. An idea that kept nudging me, saying, “write this story.” I was terrified of course; after all, I wasn’t an author.

My plan was simple, to write a viral best seller that would shoot me to fame and fortune. I’d spend the rest of my days atop a surf board floating in a tropical lagoon. I’m certain this is what they call muse, the inspiration behind most great authors. While Muse didn’t take me to a tropical paradise, it did take me to wonderful and unexpected places.

The first being a fantastic world of adventure, intrigue and skullduggery, heroes and heroines, villains and funny characters. A world where anything could happen, just because it could, because I made it up! The strings were in my hands, I was the puppet master. What fun!

Muse also lead me on a wild quest for knowledge, there was so much to learn. There is so much more to learn. My search led me to talented, positive people who gave their time and knowledge or did what they could, just for the pleasure of it. What an awesome feeling. Acquaintances and strangers became friends. The strength we receive from the support of others is amazing, and what we do is better for it.

So if you’re thinking of writing a book or another endeavor that intrigues or beckons you in some way, just do it, take a leap of faith—magical things can happen. Find your muse, be inspired. Pay it forward. I know I will. I’m hooked.

5 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Great post! I have always wanted to write a book myself, so this was interesting inspiration for me. Your book, Hologram, was an exciting and fun read too! Can’t wait for your next one. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration.I, too, have always wanted to write a book. I think you’re exactly right; I should “just do it!” Love your book. Can’t wait for the next one.


  3. Great thoughts. And even though my desire isn’t to write a book, it is my desire to explore the connections that all types of art provide the human experience. Looking forward to your next book. Hologram was a fun, creative and a delightful read!!!


  4. Fun thoughts! I did write a book much to my surprise and have found it addicting too. Can’t wait for us to have a book signing event together!


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