NEW RELEASE!! The Hunt for Sasha Moran

The Hunt for Sasha Moran has arrived!

A psychological thriller you won’t put down.

He was out there, somewhere. Coming for her. At age 36, Sasha Moran pulled the plug on her life. She left her husband Wayne after 19 years of marriage. Wayne liked to hunt. Specifically, some of the world’s largest and most exotic animals. He said if she ever left, he would hunt her down and kill her. Now, she was his prey.

eBook at limited-time Pre-order price .99!

Paperback available on Amazon today! eBook available on pre-order for a July 1 release!

Click on your favorite bookstore below:

Thank you for reading my books! You’re going to LOVE Sasha Moran!

All the best to my readers,

Nancy Miller

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