Lilly: Her Moves Say it All . . .

God she was hot. He felt himself becoming aroused in anticipation of what she was about to do.

Her long leg rose in a wide overhead arch and circled before returning to the ground. The other leg followed the pattern. Her body moving in sensual rhythm to the music, she teased and enticed him. Her hair swooped to cover, then reveal. Leaning over, she looked over her shoulder and turned  buttocks threaded with a ribbon of red  silk his way. She made eye contact and wet her lips. She moved seductively . . . the slow undulation taunted and dared him to join the dance. She splayed her legs, reached to the ground, and put her palms to the floor. Her toes slowly rose to point skyward before descending to the floor behind her. Her body arched and she came around to her feet. She whirled with hair like a silky black fan and came to a stop, facing him. The red silk was gone; she was nude. Black hair fell to her waist; her pert nipples peeked out between the strands. Moving sensuously to the music, she slowly positioned herself in front of him, her hips moving with the rhythm of the bass beat. She undulated above him, nearly on his lap, testing the limits of the no-record zone. Her delicate hand slowly traveled her torso, moving lower. Eyes closed, she appeared bewitched by the touch of her hand as she swayed and arched her back, completely captivated by her own sensuality. In a state of sublime arousal, her movements escalated with the tempo of the music. Just when he thought he would in fact, cream his jeans; she stepped back a few feet. Completely in the moment, she rocked her head back and forth. Her hair whipped side to side with increasing urgency. She whirled and her hair flew in circles; her naked body spun. She flew backwards, spinning around and around, her hair and arms swirling in hypnotic circles. She flipped backwards once, twice, and landed on the floor in a perfectly flat split. She sprung to her feet, bowed at him, and left the spotlight.

Dante remained in the chair, smoking. After a few minutes, he sucked in a final lungful of smoke and blew it at the ceiling. Jesus, the woman heated his blood.

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