Want to Play a Game?

Option 1: Marriage
Some of the best things life has to offer are yours: companionship, social status, family, and love. However, your chances of success are 50/50, and losing means a train wreck for companionship, social status, family, and love–leaving you in an emotional wasteland of disappointment and failure. If you elect to play, the game requires monogamy. Cheat and you will likely lose the game. This is the sticky part. Humans are complete failures at monogamy. There is always an evil womanizer, a selfish pig-of-a-husband, or a man-stealing harlot-slut-whore at fault.

If Option 1 sounds a bit daunting considering the odds of success, there is always Option 2.

Option 2: Remain Single
No ball and chain for you! You retain your sexual freedom, albeit at the risk of sacrificing true love (do you really loose the true love option?). You’ll enjoy decision making autonomy and guilt free sexual relationships. Sounds perfect! What more could you want? Maybe a couple of kids or someone to change your diapers in old age? This is the sticky part; reconsider Option 1.

There is a tiger behind both doors. Seriously, is this what life is about? Maybe the fault is our culturally mandated monogamy clashing with our hard wiring, our human nature. Maybe the evil womanizer, the selfish pig-of-a-husband or the man-stealing harlot-slut-whore can’t help their behavior any more than a dog can help being a dog.
Did man take a wrong turn on the evolutionary path leading us to our present state of discontent? Have we in effect been trying to put a square plug in a round hole ever since? Christopher Ryan, PhD and Cacilda Jethá, MD address this provocative subject in their best selling book Sex at Dawn.

To thine own self be true.

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