The Doc said, “Take a Trojan to the Beach.”

I’m sure you’re wondering why Nancy asked me to do a guest post for California Muse since I’m a gynecologist and not a book critic. I suspect it is because I have been badgering her to put condoms on every character in Hologram’s sequel. Yes, I believe there’s a sequel in the works and I understand there’s a sexy new man who might engage in hot sex . . . .  That’s all she’s telling me so don’t even try to get more details out of her.  She’s stingy like that when she’s writing a book.

Safety First

I am affectionately known as the “Safety Queen” in my lakefront community. At least I think it’s affectionate. I make you wear your sun glasses and sun screen as soon as you step outside. I always hold the orange safety flag while watching the water skiers closely for concussion. How many fingers am I holding up? I’ll put a life jacket on your grandchild if she brushes her teeth near the lake. I separate the raw meat BBQ tongs from the veggie tongs. No one has ever had a salmonella infection on my watch. I carry band aids and hand sanitizer. Don’t even think about running with scissors around me, just saying.

Wrap it up

All joking aside, sexually transmitted infections are no laughing matter.  I treat them every day and every woman who contracts an infection asks, “Why me Doc?”  Don’t get surprised by an STI. If you are in a new or casual sexual relationship then you have to talk about STIs and insist on condom use.

Did you know?

– Cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease caused by HPV

– The 4 H’s: HIV, hepatitis, herpes, HPV are viral infections that can’t be cured and           some may even result in death.

– Syphilis is on the rise.  Gonorrhea is resistant to most antibiotics.

– Chlamydia can cause sterility.

– Warts are also sexually transmitted.

– These infections don’t care what age you are so protect yourself even in middle age.

Virtually Sexy

Samantha enters a virtual  world of sexy intrigue in Hologram.  She takes us on a risky romp with the men of her dreams.  The virtual sex seems harmless. No condoms required.  You might even feel a little libido boost reading Hologram. The danger to Sam comes when she can’t tell the real from the virtual. Hologram is a great beach read so grab a beach towel and kick back for a safe and sexy boost.  But don’t forget to bring a Trojan if you’re reading Hologram in mixed company.

What do you say Nancy? Trojans for all? And can you bring up an extra life jacket, and I think that orange flag is getting dull and do they sell gallon jugs of sunscreen in California…….


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