How to Spot a Cheater

How do you know? Everyone is fascinated with someone who deliberately breaks the rules. Taking a piece of the pie at someone else’s expense requires guts and confidence. I asked my friend Jon D’Amore, who was involved in the biggest scam to ever hit the Vegas Strip to tell us what it takes to spot a cheater. . .

The first time I went to Las Vegas was for my 22nd birthday. It was 1975. I was invited by my oldest cousin, Jerry. He was about 37 at the time. Oh, and did I mention he was also my Godfather (in every sense of the Italian meaning…assuming you all saw those movies a few decades ago)? Upon arrival I was set up in a penthouse on the 25th floor of the original (and brand new) MGM Grand, right on The Strip, and given a $25,000 credit line. The first night I lost about $5,000 and worried about having to pay it back. By breakfast the following day I found out I was there to lose the entire credit line and was part of a scam that brought about a half-million dollars a month back to “da guys” in New Jersey.

Over the next 26 months I learned how these guys funneled tens of millions of dollars out of several casinos. I was taught a very important rule about gambling: “Never gamble with your own money.” It’s something everyone should know. Remember, they don’t build casinos because the odds are with the gambler. The rules of any game are set so they odds favor the house. Always! The second rule was even more important: Never do anything to attract attention to yourself or to those you’re scamming with. Rule #3: Don’t be greedy. Never hit one casino for more than $8,000 a night. They’re looking for the big hitters. Stay below their radar and you just might survive.

But as with all good things, this scam also had to come to an end. It was thanks to a guy who had a bit too much to drink and smoke, some girls he wanted to fuck…and one of those girls who happened to work for a casino that was being scammed. The boss back in New Jersey wasn’t too happy about losing all of that cash every month, so a few weeks later the guy with the big mouth was found floating in his hot tub.

So, you know what I learned? Keep your mouth shut and life is safer if you don’t cheat or scam someone. Plain and simple.

Oh…and did I mention I wrote about those great years I spent hanging out with my Godfather and the boss of Northern Jersey? It’s called THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK. You can buy a signed first edition without shipping only via this blog.

Simply go (use any credit card or PayPal) and you’ll have a copy in your hands within a week.

6 thoughts on “How to Spot a Cheater

  1. I’d have a difficult time spotting a cheater but I do know a great book! The Boss Always Sits in the Back is a fantastic story.


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